Christian dating how to stay pure

For instance, we’re often given this passage as a scripture about marriage: But tell me, guys, how can you present your someday wife as “holy and blameless” if you disregarded her sexual purity before you put the ring on her finger? Firefighters suggest you know and practice your escape route, just in case your house or building catches fire.

Or what could you possibly say to someone else she marries about your actions with her? And catching fire is exactly what high-intensity sexual desire can feel like in your body — so it’s time to get your escape plan together.

If you feel uncomfortable with the way you’re being touched, gently move their hand away and ask that they be more careful (if a problem persists, break off the encounter entirely.) Don’t be shy asking if your fiancé(e) feels comfortable, and if you can’t figure out where to rest your hand, don’t be shy asking for help placing it somewhere safe (my arm happens to be the right length that, when she leans against me a certain way, no matter how I bend my elbow I’d end up resting my hand somewhere I shouldn’t.When you make changes to your rules, it’s good to make additions when you realize they’re needed, but it’s not good to remove any rules until you’ve had the chance to think through the consequences, talk it out, and sleep on it.Here are the rules my fiancee and I use: -on her: anything covered by a modest bathing suit or a modest pair of shorts is off limits.You sure wouldn’t want someone treating your eventual wife that way. This is the question most asked by teenagers, but don’t dating adults want to know too? If you spend your dating time at your house on a cozy couch, that’s all kinds of temptation. If you’re in a relationship, talk about this with your date. If you fail, you admit you’re human and need God’s help. Take the long view here, knowing that whomever you marry should enter the marriage feeling respected, protected, and loved — as demonstrated by Christ. So you get to that moment where your God-created, sexually charged body is going nuclear with desire, and you’re somehow supposed to shut that off like a flip-switch. You need strategies (or tactics — I get those two confused) to keep from getting into that my-brain-is-mush moment. Unfortunately, it’s often the wrong question, because what you’re really asking is how close to the land mines can you get without being in danger. Rather, ask what level of affection is honoring to God and respectful of your date. But if you’re sitting across from someone at a dinner table or walking hand-in-hand through a museum, it’s not likely you’re going to get busy there. Things like “If I start feeling extremely turned on, I need a break. Does that mean you already crossed the line and should just give up and go for it?

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