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Axcel also offers a better feed value and higher protein which makes its forage qualities better than Stockford. When it’s paired with forage peas, it produces a very high quality and palatable forage for livestock.

If saline soils are a problem in your area, it is a great option because it handles the salts better than any other annual grass. It has a very dense root system that allows for good water infiltration of the soil.

Yellow Blossom Sweet Clover improves soil drainage with its vigorous tap root.

It has a good tolerance to drought and flooding and is a good supplement for winter forage mixes.

Lentils have high protein content and low digestive inhibitors.

On average; it prodcues four to seven tons of dry matter per acre, with an average protein of 10-15%, and an extrememly high sugar content.

Axcel is shorter than Stockford, creating less lodging.

In many different geographic trials, Axcel had higher grain yields and greater test weights.

Yellow Blossom Sweet Clover is a biennial clover with minimal shoot growth its first year.

It has great efficiency as a soil builder and is a good Nitrogen builder.

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