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He says he has put on Vimeo for free viewing "to commemorate serial predator Harvey Weinstein finally being exposed." The movie got a limited theatrical release a few years ago, and Hoffman is still seeking more distribution.

He knows there's a market for the film because pirates keep throwing the movie online illegally.

Research found that women who had orgasms during late pregnancy also reduced their risk of preterm delivery.

However, when women actively avoid sex during their third trimester, studies find that it is mainly because they fear bringing on early labor or hurting the baby.

Now, with new sexual allegations against Harvey Weinstein and others in the movie and TV industry coming practically daily, the producer of has posted his film online for the first time, free for the next nine days.

"It's so funny to keep seeing headlines about how Harvey's abuse was 'an open secret' in Hollywood, and that's the name of our film," said producer Gabe Hoffman.

Speaking of're probably already wondering about lifestyle changes.

Hopefully, you've committed to a smoke-free, alcohol-free pregnancy both for your own health and that of your baby. Believe it or not, there can be Sex During Pregnancy: What Works, What Doesn't!

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The best thing you can do for your baby is to bring it into a happy loving family!

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