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Meanwhile, Alex Smith went to trial last week, before a jury of 10 men and two women.

(At an emotional jury selection, the majority of female candidates said they couldn’t remain impartial at Alex’s trial, citing a personal account or relationship with a woman who had been raped under similar circumstances.)Alex’s defense lawyer, Samantha Greene—a charismatic former deputy district attorney—laid out her client’s case in opening statements, taking the line that the woman (we’ll call her Claire, though that’s not her real name) had consented and now regretted it.

She remembers stumbling and someone with a receding hairline “pushing her along,” leading her to an apartment building.

She remembers being in a semi-furnished bedroom on a mattress without a headboard. The sip she took didn’t taste like water, maybe it was alcohol?

Both will spend a lifetime on the sex offender registry.

Jonas and Alex were no strangers to meeting girls on that street at that time: they referred to two in the morning as “pull o’clock” because of how easy it was to bring home the last women leaving the bars.

They invited Claire and Laura to their place for drinks. Claire says she doesn’t remember meeting Alex and Jonas.

“This case is about Claire being embarrassed, not rape,” she told the mostly-male jury.

For years, feminists and bloggers have lambasted pickup websites and blogs as echo chambers for misogyny, criticized their “techniques” as de facto harassment or assault, and called the group’s leaders advocates for rape.

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