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In the piano industry, Steinway and Bosendorfer have both managed to survive just fine. Why do furniture makers take less pride in their work?

Why do they think so little of themselves, and their legacy, that they think this is an acceptable compromise?

I haven’t really gotten into it on the blog, but the case studies I’m doing on the furniture industry makes me very uncomfortable.

For the past couple of decades, there has been a drastic increase in the percentage of consumer furniture and goods manufactured using a material known as MDF. [mainbodyad]Technically, MDF contains a mixture of wood solids, wax, and resin bonded together under high temperatures and high pressure to create a uniform wood-like product that is far cheaper than real wood.

Although I’m not convinced we’re in asbestos territory, even with the formaldehyde cancer risk, I do think that MDF is a ticking financial time bomb waiting to happen in terms of class action lawsuits, in cases where the consumer had no reasonable cause to believe that the furniture contained, or was primarily constructed out of, MDF. To be more blunt about it, I would not be comfortable with a large percentage of my net worth in any company that manufactured or distributed a lot of MDF products.

Sit on my lap and talk about the first thing that pops up? I fell in love with a pair of carved wooden bookcases featuring gold-leaf accented pineapples.I had intended to buy several sets for my office since my primary responsibility is to read and make decision.The price tag was not insignificant (it was in the four-figures per bookcase; we’ll leave it at that).In order to alleviate that tiny bit of doubt in the back of my mind, I wrote the company and asked if the bookcases contained any MDF. Sure, it is supposedly a high end MDF product but the idea bothers me.

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