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The default value is - The array of features to be added. deletes - string of OIDs to remove from service gdb Version - Geodatabase version to apply the edits.

use Global Ids - instead of referencing the default Object ID edits should be applied only if all submitted edits succeed.

The max Allowable Offset is in the units of out SR. This option supersedes the return Ids Only parameter.This is the geographic extension of the classic tabular or relational representation for entities - a set of entities is modelled as rows in a table.Tables represent entity classes with uniform properties.If out SR is not specified, max Allowable Offset is assumed to be in the unit of the spatial reference of the map.count (number of features/records) that would be returned by a query. If return Count Only = true, the response will return both the count and the extent.extent of the features that would be returned by the query.If return Count Only=true, the response will return both the count and the extent. This parameter applies only if the supports Returning Query Extent property of the layer is true.query results up to the result_record_count specified.

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Use either class breaks or unique value classificatoin definitions.

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