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When it was in the collection of Maria Magdalena van Sluypwijk the present panel was paired with one of a man in military dress (present location unknown).The painting is a fairly close copy of an original work on panel by Frans van Mieris the Elder formerly in the Gemldegalerie in Dresden (since 1750), but destroyed in World War II.He is said to have been trained first by Abraham Toorenvliet, then the fijnschilder Gerrit Dou, and subsequently the portrait and history painter Abraham van den Tempel, before returning to Dou for further training; he officially entered the Leiden Guild of St Luke in 1658.Van Mieris's early work was strongly influenced by Dou.Musical instruments often hint at love in Dutch genre paintings of this period, while the addition of alcohol (brought in by the maid) could spell further temptation.

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In his early works Van Mieris followed Dou’s style although using a wider range of subjects and a painstaking and refined technique that eventually surpassed that of his master.

An enormously skilled painter, he paid particular attention to the effects of light on different surfaces while his interiors are well constructed and precise.

Paul Getty Museum), in which a male artist is teaching a pretty female pupil.

The skull on the shelf in the background may act as a 'vanitas' element.

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In addition to interiors, Van Mieris also painted portraits and various historical subjects.

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